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What Clients Are Saying

"Bill is truly the best court reporter I have had the privilege of working with. In addition to being extremely professional and prompt, he has an amazing attention to detail and accuracy. In fact, I would feel comfortable submitting one of his "rough" transcripts to a court. Bill is also technologically savvy and has little difficulty immediately accommodating attorney requests for "read backs" without disturbing the flow of the deposition. Bill is the first person I would call in any litigation involving the slightest element of complexity because I know I can count on him to keep exhibits organized and provide me with superior work product."

John L. Krieger, Esq., Gordon Silver


At Oasis Reporting Services, we know that accurate and timely transcripts will give you an advantage over your competition. Our goal is to simplify your workload by formatting transcripts to fit your individual needs.

Our highly skilled, certified Las Vegas court reporters are well versed in depositions, trials, arbitrations, hearings and conferences.

Our Services Include:

  • Court Reporters
  • Digital Legal Videographers
  • Las Vegas Videoconferencing Suites with Worldwide Affiliate Locations
  • Conference Rooms
  • Mock Courtroom
  • LiveNote/Summation/CaseView Realtime Feeds by Certified Realtime Reporters
  • Live Internet Streaming of Video and Realtime Feeds
  • Same-Day, Next-Day, Expedited and Standard Delivery
  • Printable Rough-Draft ASCIIs/PDFs
  • E-transcripts
  • Condensed Transcripts with Word Indexes
  • Exhibit and Document Scanning
  • 24/7 Online Scheduling
  • DepositionDirector Video Synchronization
  • Interpreter Scheduling
  • Audiotape/Videotape Transcription
  • Nationwide Deposition Scheduling
  • Worldwide Coverage

Our Specialties Include:

  • Construction Defect
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Intellectual Property
  • Patent Law
  • Trademark Infringement
  • Employment Law
  • Asbestos